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Welcome to the newest multi mining pool MULTI.ASICPOOL.ORG

We present you our multi mining pool that is based on yiimp and designed for ASIC miners. Pool has autoexchange in BTC, scrypt algorithms, prompt support, frequent payouts. Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators & Profitability Calculators.
No registration is required, we do payouts in the currency you mine. Use your wallet address as the username.

You can vote on our discord chanel what coins do you want to mine and we will add them to the pool.

Looking forward for your feedback!
Happy mining.

URL: http://multi.asicpool.org
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/EbQrmf2
FEE: 0.25%
Server location: OVH France
API: http://multi.asicpool.org/site/api


- Scrypt ( All Coin tested and ready to use )
- SHA256 (Coming Soon)
- Blake(2b) (Coming Soon)

Coins: #BitcoinFast ($BCF), #Worldcoin ($WDC), #Trollcoin 2.0 ($TROLL), #CanadaeCoin ($CDN), #SagaCoin ($SAGA), #HempCoin ($THC), #Sexcoin ($SXC), #Einsteinium ($EMC2), #Adcoin ($ACC), #Argentum ($ARG), #GameCredits ($GAME), #PakCoin ($PAK), #Megacoin ($MEC), #Digibyte ($DGB), #GoldCoin ($GLD), #TittieCoin ($TTC), #Florincoin ($FLO), #LiteBar ($LTB), #Novacoin ($NVC), #Bitmark ($MARKS), #Bata ($BTA)


BitcoinFast (BCF) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10004
Username: your BCF wallet
Password: c=BCF

Worldcoin (WDC)   - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10020
Username: your WDC wallet
Password: c=WDC

Trollcoin 2.0 (TROLL) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10023
Username: your TROLL wallet
Password: c=TROLL

Canada eCoin (CDN) - scrypt algorithm   

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10008
Username: your CDN wallet
Password: c=CDN

SagaCoin (SAGA)   - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10009
Username: your SAGA wallet
Password: c=SAGA

HempCoin (THC)   - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10007
Username: your THC wallet
Password: c=THC

Sexcoin (SXC) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10017
Username: your SXC wallet
Password: c=SXC

Einsteinium (EMC2) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10027
Username: your EMC2 wallet
Password: c=EMC2

Adcoin (ACC) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10001
Username: your ACC wallet
Password: c=ACC

Argentum (ARG) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10014
Username: your ARG wallet
Password: c=ARG

GameCredits (GAME) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10013
Username: your GAME wallet
Password: c=GAME

PakCoin (PAK) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10019
Username: your PAK wallet
Password: c=PAK

Megacoin (MEC) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10005
Username: your MEC wallet
Password: c=MEC

Digibyte (DGB) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10010
Username: your DGB wallet
Password: c=DGB

GoldCoin (GLD) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10021
Username: your GLD wallet
Password: c=GLD

TittieCoin (TTC) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10026
Username: your TTC wallet
Password: c=TTC

Florincoin (FLO) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10006
Username: your FLO wallet
Password: c=FLO

LiteBar (LTB) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10025
Username: your LTB wallet
Password: c=LTB

Novacoin (NVC) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10028
Username: your NVC wallet
Password: c=NVC

Bitmark (MARKS) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10002
Username: your MARKS wallet
Password: c=MARKS

Bata (BTA) - scrypt algorithm

URL POOL: stratum+tcp://multi.asicpool.org:10003
Username: your BTA wallet
Password: c=BTA
The Break Room / Re: [MUSIC] What Are You Listening to at the Moment?
« Last post by Aurophilicity on July 14, 2018, 02:32:46 pm »
These things will happen to you if you don't hodl GLD:

Look at my GoldCoin: she's leavin'.  ;D
Marketplace / Painting Orcas
« Last post by ipaint on July 08, 2018, 10:10:54 pm »
Acrylic painting Orcas

Asking $90.00 plus shipping and handling fees.

Link to a video

Marketplace / Painting Worried Blues
« Last post by ipaint on July 08, 2018, 10:06:31 pm »
Acrylic painting I did called Worried Blues

Price: $90.00 plus shipping and handling fees

Accept: GLD or PayPal.

Link to a video

The Break Room / Re: [VIDEO] What Are You Watching at the Moment?
« Last post by Aurophilicity on July 02, 2018, 03:05:11 pm »

The Break Room / Re: Forum is slow?
« Last post by Aurophilicity on July 02, 2018, 02:34:49 pm »
Well, let's see...  :)
The Break Room / Re: Forum is slow?
« Last post by ipaint on July 02, 2018, 01:55:23 pm »
I'm a loner so I'll hang out here and see who stops by now and then. Because someone's got to keep an eye on it  :)
The Break Room / Re: Forum is slow?
« Last post by MicroGuy on July 01, 2018, 05:27:50 pm »
If you get too lonely, you can check out our Telegram and Slack channels. They generally have more traffic.
The Break Room / Re: Forum is slow?
« Last post by Aurophilicity on June 30, 2018, 04:33:47 pm »
I guess we're now down to three peeps. The forum still is slow, and I'm glad that Cryptosolar is doing fine in Germany.  :)
Don't forget to vote. They don't call me Potemkin for no reason.  :D

The Break Room / Re: [MUSIC] What Are You Listening to at the Moment?
« Last post by MicroGuy on June 18, 2018, 08:48:34 pm »
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