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Author Topic: How to: Backup your Wallet on Windows 7  (Read 3652 times)

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How to: Backup your Wallet on Windows 7
« on: January 30, 2016, 10:00:33 AM »
Hi @ all  :)

How to Backup your Wallet if your client is broken on Windows 7(for W8 or W10 this steps should also work roughly), this Tutorial can also be used for doing a backup of your Wallet.dat file, which more or less contains your stored Goldcoins.

(Better have a Backup of your Wallet.dat file, if something strange happens to your Hardware or Software. Store the Backup file on a USB-Stick or DVD for Example and store it on a Safe place.)

1. You have to locate your Wallet.dat file. Use for this the Windows search bar which can also be found if you click on the bottom left corner( Windows Sign), or take a look @ your Windows Explorer.

-Once you found the search bar, then type in
Code: [Select]
- Make sure you ve enabled on your Windows settings:  Show hidden files.

- The Wallet.dat file should be somewhere around your Personal user data, in my case = C:\Benutzer\Perser\AppData\Roaming\GoldCoin (GLD)
(Note: this is on a German Language PC, replace "Benutzer" with "Users" in English)

2. Close your Client if it is running actually , then Copy the Wallet.Dat file to a save place and on your desktop if you want to repair the Client actually.  :)

3. Uninstall your GLD Client

4. Install the actual Client ( download: http://www.gldcoin.com/get-started/ ) and run it. Wait for full sync. Then close the Client.

5. Import your saved Wallet.dat file(Step 2)  back into the Directory where you ve got it from. In my case : C:\Benutzer\Perser\AppData\Roaming\GoldCoin (GLD)

-Copy and Paste your saved Wallet.dat File from your Desktop or save place and replace the actual Wallet.dat file.

Done  :)