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Mining & Pools / Re: Atomica and hash-to-coins Pool Mining
« Last post by cryptosolar on December 12, 2017, 05:02:43 pm »
I dont know what is wrong with your setup or what ever you do on the settings.

But to clear out a few things, maybe you are new to mining :)

i am suggesting to have a look at some mining tutorials in general.

- Do you think Hash to coins is providing 3.7 Gh/s via CPUs ? :)

- a KNC Titan is not a CPU it is a ASIC miner :)
Altcoin Discussion / Re: Cryptsy Community Relief Project
« Last post by trac101 on December 12, 2017, 04:25:02 pm »
 Ziftrcoin can not find it anywhere. Not even on Cryptomarket, it seems dead. Then, among all the coins, did you precisely of this? Thanks!
Mining & Pools / Atomica and hash-to-coins Pool Mining
« Last post by MatBat on December 12, 2017, 10:32:38 am »
Does anyone have any experience with Atomica pool mining? Feedback appreciated.  I am running, wallet address is right, shares being accepted, but no payout.... not sure of how long this pool takes to payout. Any suggestions for this pool or any other that is working.

Hash-to-coins seems to work for CPU mining only - cannot get ASIC miner to connect to servers.

using CGminer
Altcoin Discussion / Re: Cryptsy Community Relief Project
« Last post by MicroGuy on December 12, 2017, 08:32:54 am »
I've set aside a couple hours this morning to get caught up on these latest requests.  :wave:

Edit: Done. Each of the wallet requests above has now been processed. Enjoy!
The Break Room / Re: [MUSIC] What Are You Listening to at the Moment?
« Last post by MicroGuy on December 11, 2017, 10:41:11 pm »
 :wave:  :P

The Break Room / Re: [MUSIC] What Are You Listening to at the Moment?
« Last post by MicroGuy on December 11, 2017, 10:35:59 pm »
Man ... what a day.  :toast:

Mining & Pools / Re: [Official] List of Current Goldcoin Mining Pools
« Last post by MatBat on December 11, 2017, 08:59:08 pm »
Pool LinkPool Fee (%)Withdrawal Fee
Auto (GLD)
Withdrawal Fee
Manual (GLD)
NotesOfficial Forum Topic
:thumbsup: (confirmed working 9/23/17)0%N/A0.0P2P, updated, adj diff
:thumbsup: (confirmed working 9/23/17)0%N/AN/AMultipool, updated
:thumbsup: (confirmed working 9/23/17)1%N/AN/AP2P, updated, fixed diff
:thumbsup: (confirmed working 9/23/17)0%N/A0.1Multipool, updated

Anyone familiar with atomica pool? Logged onto server and mining, pool says it is "instant" payout, my question is how often is a payout? No info on website
Newbie Central / Re: Hello everyone!
« Last post by stemis on December 11, 2017, 08:46:59 pm »
Welcome!! Glad you found Goldcoin.
GoldCoin Discussion / Re: [Official] - Sunday Team Meetings on Skype
« Last post by cryptosolar on December 11, 2017, 09:12:22 am »
just wow, i ve just recognizing all the things we do, lol  :D
GoldCoin Discussion / Re: [Official] - Sunday Team Meetings on Skype
« Last post by MicroGuy on December 11, 2017, 07:59:53 am »
Sunday Meeting December 10th Highlights

Please find below highlights from Sunday's Skype meeting.

I'd like to thank everyone for attending tonight's important Skype meeting. This week we had both our Senior Developer and Chief Scientist present along with Team India and several community members. I'm sure we broke the attendance record. Below you will find a brief summary of the various topics discussed.

1. Eric's work on the iPhone app has been outstanding. Last week, the app was approved by Apple for beta testing and several volunteers have already signed up to help test the app before it goes live in the Apple Store. If you would like to participate in TestFlight testing, please see the following link:

2. The perfect domain for our project's official website is clearly GOLDCOIN.ORG. After a pursuit that has lasted several years, this week the community can finally claim the domain as its own. We now join the ranks of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many others. The domain has already been transferred to our escrow agent and should go live sometime today (Monday).

Coming this week:

3. New reporting system for contract developers. The Core team has contracted several professional developers to assist us with our ambitious network upgrade (currently underway). Eric and Cryptosolar have established a work reporting system that allows us to better track and organize the Slack team.

You can find the roadmap here:

4. The renowned writer Andrew Rosenbaum has agreed to author the "Official Goldcoin Whitepaper." This whitepaper will give investors and other interested parties a single authoritative source for learning about our currency's design, its mission, and underlying ideology. This paper will be published on the Goldcoin website this week.

5. Team India in collaboration with Cryptosolar is building a 1.5 GH/s solar mining farm expected to begin operations in early February. This project will be an excellent promotional tool for Goldcoin while also helping to improve overall mining distribution.

6. The Christmas marketing campaign is showing results. Our Marketing Director Albert Milligan is overseeing our Christmas marketing campaign which features various articles and press releases alerting the public to our brand and its ongoing development. We plan to ramp up this ad campaign in the final weeks before Christmas. Be sure to follow Goldcoin on Twitter as we tweet each press release and promoted article.

Goldcoin on Twitter:

7. There have been many new additions to the official website including a newsletter, GLD price ticker, blog, and press release sections. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter today if you're interested in keeping up with breaking Goldcoin news.

Newsletter signup (scroll down page to see form):

8. Our community continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The Facebook group has just reached 1000 members and Telegram has exceeded 250 members. We encourage all Goldcoin adopters to stay connected with the community by using these social platforms.

Facebook Group:
Telegram Group:

9. The Goldcoin Developers Group is in the process of renewing its Thawte code signing certificate. This required a new letter from our certified public accountant. We expect to be awarded a new Thawte 2-year certificate early this week.

10. To ensure the community will have future income for research, development, and general operations we are exploring various fund raising options. features the new Woocommerce Goldcoin plugin which could be used since testing of the plugin is complete. A domain change and site update is all that's needed to make it operational for collecting funds.

Future home of fund raising?

11. The new Goldcoin client has been completed and is ready for our testnet. The Slack team will use a special 500 MH/s ASIC rig from India during testing as the remaining team GPU mines. This will allow us to test the functionality of our 51% defense system in the new updated client.


Meetings are held every other Sunday @ 7:00 p.m. eastern time. For info on joining please visit:
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