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Technical Discussion / Android Wallet Sync problems
« on: June 11, 2015, 03:31:50 AM »

I have the Android wallet installed on my mobile, and i see that its getting stuck at 3 weeks, while trying to synchronize. I was wondering, does this have anything to do with the new wallet update and the android wallet is yet to be updated, or is it just my wallet.

The reason this wallet is important to me is due to the fact that i use it for demonstration purposes, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)

GoldCoin Discussion / The Goldcoin Bug :)
« on: June 06, 2015, 06:17:10 PM »
Hi Everyone.

First let me start by sharing a little, briefly.

I have now been involved in Goldcoin for +/- 2yrs.

1st - I researched allot of coins and Goldcoin just stood out for me in, In Brand, In Development, In Uniqueness (51% system), and in Community.
2nd - I started mining, with my CPU, then GPU, then GPU's, Then ASIC.
3rd - I started to get involved in the Community (enjoyed this)
4th - Actively worked to Market and Promote Goldcoin ( SA Conference )

5th - Went quite for the last couple of months as i regrouped things, and here i want to share something :

During this period i would periodically check in on the forum and facebook, just to check in, and things kept moving forward here, by a few fixed individuals and by a few that would come and go. Those that would come and go interested me as they seemed not always to be just new individuals, but people that have been involved for some time, coming and going and coming back again and it dawned on me :

GOLD - its a bug and it bites....

What we have here is Goldcoin, and once it has bitten you have that bug, that digital bug and you keep coming back to it. Go through this forum and you will see posts from an individual and then not for months at a time, and then all of a sudden they are back on the scene. Why ?

I think its that Goldcoin Bug, its bitten you. :)

I want to put out a call here to those that have this bug, to those that when they looked at Goldcoin had that thought, this coin could go places. (its the bug talking)  ;)

Well im here to say, i want to take it places and i want to wake everyone up at the same time to make a push, im not talking some haphazard scurry around, im talking, a planned movement, an organized drive, a coming together of Goldcoin Bugs to spread the Word that Goldcoin is here and we have something that can take us to the number one spot,

We have the Goldcoin Bug.

Its time we as the people of Goldcoin start moving on what we have. To tell the world we are the Goldcoin bugs and we have a message :

Goldcoin : The Gold Standard of Digital Currency
The Goldcoin Bugs are aiming at No 1

Dream a little, Yes, dream. Then wake up and take that dream and lets make it a reality.

Im asking you to share in this post what we as the Goldcoin Bugs can do to get Goldcoin to that no.1 position.

Its time to Plan, Strategize & Execute.

The Goldcoin Bugs have the power to move !!!

Project Development / Marketing Job - Paid in Goldcoin
« on: December 27, 2014, 05:02:53 PM »
I would like to create an opportunity for any interested person to earn Goldcoins by simply promoting Goldcoin on various sites, news articles and forums.

The person would have to have a basic understanding of Crypto-Currency and be able to make intelligible comments and statements regarding Goldcoin in particular, this means not forcing Goldcoin, but actually contributing to the particular discussion in a constructive manner, while positively promoting goldcoin.

Each successful post will be rewarded with 5 Goldcoins, subject to review.

I have put aside 5000 Goldcoin for this endeavor and will review its success for future renewal.

A certain amount of posts will be expected per day to continue in the project.

Please send your application to : [email protected]
Include why you believe you will suit this position.

GoldCoin Discussion / GLD Private Banking
« on: December 19, 2014, 12:30:41 PM »

This image has really got me thinking !!!

I do believe that marketing Goldcoin as a Private Banking Network, sounds great, but on further investigation, i am a little concerned that we might fall under other regulations if we do this. At this point i am not sure at all about it, as this has just dawned on me today.

I fear that this could open Goldcoin, GoldcoinSA and myself for legal action, from the banking sector, the state etc.

My reason for saying this is, I looked at another private Bank or Investment Agency here in SA and found this attached at the bottom of there site :

(Name Removed) Private Banking complies with South African legislation that regulates the financial services industry, including FICA, NCA and the Code of Banking Practice.

Now, if this means, that i as an entity who is promoting GLD-SA as a Private Banking Network, could face serious resistance, unnecessarily, maybe i should adjust my strategy.

I am putting it out there to the Goldcoin Community to give some direction and suggestions on how to proceed with this.

If i need to register myself here for regulations, then i want to fulfill my requirements, but if changing direction is advisable, then I would need to re-think certain aspects of my marketing of Goldcoin here in SA.

Its open to the floor !!!

GoldCoin Discussion / A Goldcoin Christmas
« on: December 13, 2014, 01:26:04 PM »
Some Goldcoin Christmas Cards & Posters to give to Friends & Loved Ones. :)
     (Adjust, Print & Fold as needed)

GoldCoin Discussion / SA Goldcoin Conference - 2
« on: December 10, 2014, 12:34:26 AM »
Well ok, the first conference is now done and allot has been learned from it. Now its time to start focusing on phase 2 and that's getting people into the conferences.

Today, i will be making my preliminary booking at The Boardwalk Hotel & Casino for the 31 January 2015.

I will be making an open booking for the main conference center that can accommodate from 600 to 1600 people depending on arrangement and for the one that can accommodate 60 people (the same one i used for the last conference). As the time gets closer i will decide which one to go for depending on my support from the Goldcoin and crypto currency groups.

I plan on making this Big, i believe we have the possibility and opportunity here to change peoples lives, to give them financial freedom.

It was said about the last conference that i spoke at, I spoke with passion and belief in Goldcoin, well the reason for this is that i am 100% committed & 100% believe in Goldcoin.

My dream is to fill the big venue and im willing to do what it takes to see this dream fulfilled !!!

As such i am putting it out there now that i will pay for the conference venue out of my pocket (The last venue cost R11 100 excluding marketing), what i need from the community now is marketing support.

Large marketing will need to be done from at least 3 weeks before the event, this includes News Paper, Radio and Internet Marketing.
Marketing is not cheap as we all know, I have for instance The Herald's costing for a 200mm high x 149mm wide advert, which is R 11 920 for 1 advert., So marketing will take the support of everyone here at Goldcoin.

I am Dreaming Big, as to me there is no other way. We here all belong to Goldcoin and when we run a race we run for the Gold.

We have a message, lets go out there and change the world !!!!!!!

Economics / Financial Market Disscusions
« on: November 24, 2014, 03:10:42 PM »
I found this video very interesting :
posted by Cryptofreedom4me in

Basically what he is saying is that the US dollar is heading for a crash. Whats your take on this ?

Also if this is correct, What do you think Goldcoins potential will be if this all comes to light, is it something that would cause more people to move over to Cryptocurrency and if so, what do you think is needed from Goldcoin to position itself as a viable alternative to standard fiat currency ?

My basic intent here is to start a dialogue for people to understand in a basic format, what is going on in financial markets, what they as individuals can do, and what the choices out there are, ie: Goldcoin, Gold Bullion etc etc...

I would invite anyone with financial understanding to comment here and give us a place for people to come to, to get a easy to understand road map of what is currently happening in the Financial Markets.

GoldCoin Discussion / Comments on other Forums and Sites
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:03:14 PM »
I would like to make mention of something i wrote at :   on page 2

Its a very interesting thread and a good place to support Goldcoin. :)

I also believe that you might enjoy what i wrote about Goldcoin. :)

GoldCoin Discussion / Goldcoin Dota 2 Competition
« on: November 12, 2014, 03:04:05 PM »
As stated earlier, i was introduced to Dota 2 by one of my younger investors and i must say that the game is very popular, particularly here in SA.

What i was thinking is maybe a SA Dota 2 Goldcoin Championship Challenge.

I m not sure how to go about it, but im sure i can contact Dota/Steam to find out about it.

Just something i was thinking of and thought i would find out what everybody here thinks as i believe this could get us some major publicity and boost Goldcoin popularity !!!!

What the vote on this ?

PS: Doesn't necessarily have to be for SA, just throwing around some ideas. :)

Mining & Pools / Goldcoin Mining Issues
« on: October 21, 2014, 11:12:04 PM » = 90 Mh/s (Down as from 1:42am SA time) = 20 Mh/s = Down = Down = 0.04 M/hs

Pools Total = 110.04 Mh/s

GLD Net Total = 1357.093 Mh/s   !!!!

Difference = 1247,053 Mh/s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the moment is also down so the normal mining community has a total of 20 Mh/s out of 1357 Mh/s !!!

I moved away from Hashfaster as they where going down all the time or don't payout for days and now is down as well.
Also hashfaster difficulty only goes up to 32 for mining and this means my Black Widow only gets 7 Mh/s instead of 14 Mh/s as by, which has a difficulty setting of 1000. (Very frustrating)  >:(

I want to know where is all this extra power coming from and where are they mining.

Goldcoin cannot function like this when the people who tirelessly mine day after day get pushed out with almost no alternative place to mine  and then watch the difficulty climb in a day from 50 to 108 and then watch all our mining get orphaned.

What is going on here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GoldCoin Discussion / Questions asked by People ?
« on: October 20, 2014, 04:18:14 AM »
Hi Everyone.

I have been asked a few questions and would like to be able to give clearly defined answers :

1. What gives Bitcoin / Goldcoin its value ?

2. Why is it assumed that Goldcoin will follow the same pattern as Bitcoin, ie: why do we talk of a 1 dollar and 100 dollar range per coin ?

3. Will the new Wallet come out supporting any other coins, or only Goldcoin at the start and plugins will have to be written for the others ?

4. Why doesnt Goldcoin approach online gaming eg: Dota 2 as a payment option for in game purchases ?

I will post more questions as i think of them or get asked.

GoldCoin Discussion / GoldCoin Landing at South Africa
« on: October 18, 2014, 10:44:38 AM »

Goldcoin's First Arrival at South Africa Coast Line at Port Elizabeth.

Goldcoin taking it all in !!!

Goldcoin Enjoying the view. :)

Goldcoin getting friendly with the locals. ;)

South Africa - Here i come !!!

GoldCoin Discussion / Goldcoin Marketing
« on: October 03, 2014, 02:12:44 PM »
I thought this from the chat is important to share :

do you think the price of gld will rocket after the new wallet comes out?
Hi. I think if you look at the top coins you will see they all have very active and highly organized communities. The new client will not magically make that happen for us.
So I think it's possible the new client will have an impact, but we need to try and figure out why the community is inactive.
My gut instinct is that the majority is waiting and watching, while the minority is doing the same thing. And that's not going to cut the mustard.
its needs a bit of marketing
I think we need real discussion regarding the important issues, and that's not currently happening
The Goldcoin community currently has about 4 or 5 active members. The new client will not cure that ill
In my opinion, the new client will cause a brief spike in the GLD price, followed by continued declines unless we can cure the lack of community participation.
i agree the question is how do we go about doing that
that is the problem that no one seems to have the answer for
Goldcoin is structured like Bitcoin. We provide the community with the software and forum and the rest is up to the people.
My plan for Goldcoin is to market it in a conference environment. This will give people a chance to spread the word about crypto currency and see that there are people who are taking an active role in promoting Goldcoin. I have already shared that i am getting international support on this and it is creating some excitement. I dont just plan to have one meeting, but plan on traveling to other cities with this. I want to really push Goldcoin here in South Africa !!!
Great news! 
   This is what we need more of...
Sounds great im there
   do you think the goldcoin website run seo
To be honest i am hoping to create a stir here on the Forum as well in the hope that other will follow suite. If we can just get a few people around the world who are willing to stand up and speak for Goldcoin, we will have a winner.
Yes! This sounds like a winning business plan
I already have a number of people directly involved with mining ops here including a young 21yr old with quite a bit invested. I plan on using him in the conference to show that the new cryto way of doing things makes sense to the younger generation. All we need to do is now is get more people to stand behind a chosen coin instead of waffle mining environments, short term profits and promote Goldcoin as a major contender we will take the world by storm. Im in for the long haul and not for a quick buck. Goldcoin can make millionaires out of people just as Bitcoin did, but we need to stand behind it, just as in the early days of Bitcoin !!!
I agree with you. We have a great opportunity here, the kind of chance that doesn't come around very often.


Also this was with dan121256

Hi kreno do you think the price of gld will rocket after the new wallet comes out?
website run seo - explain ?
Well i was just thinking if the website runs an seo campaigns, because that could boost traffic towards goldcoin using keywords through google etc, could be exspensive but i would be willing to front some of it.
   Also developing the website
   i also own a succesful online maketplace for baby items here in the uk i wonder if i could implement gld ltc btc payments on it, might drum up some hype
This sounds good, both on the Website and your marketing idea about accepting gld btc & ltc.
   I would like to paiste this all into a new forum piece under maybe Goldcoin Marketing
we would need the consent of who ever developed the website because we would need to access it through the backend.
   im going to look into using cyrpto as payment on my website soon i need to speak to my developer and see what he comes up with

We somehow need to get the word out there
Getting access shouldn't be a problem if its in Goldcoins best interest.
Getting the word out there is prime !!! 100%
we have an excellent product here and if people can get behind it, we can change the world. 
Yes it could also make us very rich lol
ive been buying up coins all day
im going to have a think and see what i can do with maketing
Fabulous - Also great to have you aboard. 


Its time to get involved and share how you can add to the Goldcoin marketing even if its ideas or telling your aunty about it, who knows maybe she tells someone and the word starts to spread like wild fire, and i know we all have one of those aunties in our families. :)

I know this was allot of reading but we need to start making a concerted effort to market Goldcoin.

PS: I just thought of Goldcoin bumper stickers, just off the top of my head, come guys start sharing those ideas !!!

GoldCoin Discussion / Goldcoin Conference
« on: September 28, 2014, 06:02:25 AM »
I am thinking about having a small Goldcoin conference here in South Africa.

Bitcoin is starting to make headlines here and i think with some newspaper marketing and sorts i could attract a crowed to have a small talk about the future of Goldcoin and the possible investment opportunities.

What does this forum think of the idea and are there any suggestions ie : topics, video presentations etc etc.

The Break Room / Goldcoin Family
« on: September 22, 2014, 02:38:08 PM »
I wanted to just say thank you to everyone that is a part of the Goldcoin family.

I have truly enjoyed interacting with everyone and have enjoyed all the extra little posts people have contributed.

My PC has the forum open now 24/7 as its quite nice when i wake up during the night to maybe get a glass of water or something to just click refresh and see whats happening, its becoming a routine now. lol

Anyway to everyone God bless and thank you !!!

To being part of the Goldcoin family...  ;D

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