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Technical Discussion / Building GoldCoin (GLD) 0.7.x on Linux
« on: January 29, 2017, 02:50:14 PM »
In order to build on Linux (Ubuntu in this case):


From "Master" branch



For GUI:

How to make:

From the "src" folder:

mkdir obj
make -f makefile.unix  USE_IPV6=1 USE_UPNP=1 USE_QRCODE=1 64BIT=1 RELEASE=1
strip goldcoind

Note you may need to copy build.h from the obj folder into the src folder

From the goldcoin folder(one directory above src):

qmake bitcoin-qt-nix.pro USE_QRCODE=1 USE_UPNP=1 USE_IPV6=1

What do you think?

Yes I've been keeping the new client under wraps for a while to avoid others exploiting it before we're ready, but ultimately this is an open community, and although the choice to release the code at any stage is ultimately my own. I wish to get the community's opinion on this matter.

This poll will be kept open for 10 days..

If the community votes to keep the client under wraps and wait until I have enough time to finish it, then I will do that.


If the community votes to open the client(say to get us a larger development team) even though it is not finished and risk leaking information to our competitors, then I will do that.

The choice is yours now.

The fork was designed to address this issue, but it appears that one or more parties are mining GoldCoin (GLD) unprofitably in order to force our difficulty up higher than it should be.

These unknown parties place upwards of 1.5GH/s(approximately 3-5 times the hashing power of the entire network) of Scrypt hashing power unto the network just long enough to trigger our 51% defense mechanism, and then leave.

The client detects the huge hash-rate increase, and responds by increasing the difficulty.

This is what causes the ridiculous block times.

I'm sorry for not noticing this earlier, I claim responsibility as a developer for not paying close attention to our network hash-rate graph.

The 248000 fork was designed to stabilize the network difficulty in NORMAL situations. Not a situation where 500% extra hashing power is added at once and then removed right after the defense mechanism is tripped (see the spikes here http://www.coinwarz.com/network-hashrate-charts/goldcoin-network-hashrate-chart).

I do however have some good news.

This problem is correctable, and I do have a viable solution for which I've built a simulation to test with(follow here: https://www.gldtalk.org/index.php?topic=3156.msg14013#new) . Expect another hard fork in the next little while that addresses this problem once and for all.

In the mean time if you would like to help us out, you can try to offset his hash power by renting a Scrypt mining rig here: https://www.betarigs.com/



The 7.1.8 update has been released, and you are all advised to update immediately.

This update is hard-forking at block 248,000. At which point the difficulty algorithm will be revised to allow for more even block find times(to address the current situation of absurd transaction confirmation times).

You can download the release here: http://www.gldcoin.com/get-started/

You can confirm whether or not you have a valid release, if interested, by running an SHA1 checksum against the values below.

goldcoin- – SHA1 – bd06000f7dab0bb7c94688430350767be2516686
goldcoin- - SHA1 - 77460c8af0f4ee6ffbee5b6aeadfd0d69c6f21b6
goldcoin- - SHA1 - 8019a202bc84afc404115654df20b278e424acbb

Archives / [Official] Daily(almost) Update Thread
« on: May 11, 2015, 02:51:23 PM »
The purpose of this thread is to give you regular updates on what is going on behind the scenes.

I Intend to post to this thread myself, 6 days a week(hopefully) just about what is currently going on. Thus you will have a date mark and an idea of how things are progressing.

This applies to everything(patches, website/block explorer), not just the new client. (The progress thread for that is misleading with its percentages(percentages don't indicate the scope of technical problems), and so I'll be updating here until it is done).

I know a lot of times, I tell you something has been delayed for a technical reasons, it can be very frustrating as you may not completely understand why. Or if any progress is actually being made.

So the purpose of this thread is to address all that.

If you have any specific questions that you'd like answered, please post them to the "Daily(almost) Update Thread Q&A", as this thread will be locked for Dream Team use only.

PS - The large font size is for your viewing pleasure.

Project Development / Progress Thread
« on: July 03, 2014, 03:28:01 PM »
Since it appears to be in popular demand here is the official Java Client Progress thread!

Well, since everyone is asking for when the new client will be finished. I thought I'd go ahead and give you guys a update.

Here I've laid out all parts of the new client in easy to understand(yet somewhat vague) progress bars!

Feature List:
Core Daemon Functionality - <=============================> 100%
Core Multi-Coin Support - <=============================> 100%
ExcaliburDB (Custom Ntree Database software made specifically for GoldCoin (GLD)!) - <===========================> 95%
MemoryHardener (In-Memory Client Data Obsufication) - <==> 10%
GUI (Will be sleek  :o) - <==> 5%
ConnectionHandler - <=============================> 100%
NIO-Server - <=============================> 100%
Cryption Support (see below list on supported ciphers) - <===========================> 90%
Multi-Threaded - <===========================> 90%
Support up to 1024 concurrent connections - <=============================> 100%
On-the-fly Network Compression - <=============================> 70%
Storage Compression - <=============================> 80%
Faster Block Verification - <=> 1%
Faster Block Download - <=============================> 70%
Pause/Start/Reload/Restart Client/Daemon(It is actually possible to modify configuration without having to restart your daemon/client!!!) - <=============================> 100%
ZFS Mentality (Infinitely expandable memory types/No clock limits) - <===========================> 90%
Event Manager - <=======> 55%
LoggingHandler - <=======> 55%
Hidden Feature.. :-X - <====> 15%
Android Support   - <===========================> 90%
Easy XML based Configuration - <====> 15%
Daemon and GUI in one application - <=============================> 100%
Mining Support Built-in(you will be able to mine multiple coins at the same time with just this one client!!!) - <====> 15%

Supported Encryption Modes:
    AES 128/192/256
    BlowFish 32-448
    Cameillia 128/192/256
    CAST5 64/128
    CAST6 64/128/192/256
    DES 64/128/192
    GOST28147 64/128/192/256
    IDEA 64/128
    Noekeon 128
    RC2 64/128/256/512/1024
    RC532 64/128
    RC564 64/128
    RC6 64/128/256
    Rijndael 128/160/192/224/256
    SEED 128
    Serpent 128/192/256
    Skipjack 64/128
    TEA 64/128
    ThreeFish 256/512/1024
    TwoFish 128/192/256
    XTEA 64/128

    RC4 40-2048
    HC 128/256
    ChaCha 128/256
    Salsa20 128/256
    XSalsa20 256
    ISAAC 32-8192
    VMPC 8-6144
    Grain 80/128



Padding Support:

Symmetric Cipher Support:

Asymmetric Cipher Support:

Digest Support:

MAC Support:

PBE Support:

Note for obvious reasons not all encryption modes can be intermixed.. We do however support the vastest set of encryption modes in all of cryptocurrency!

Also note that due to key space issues we strongly suggest you thoroughly think through your encryption cascades before hand.

GoldCoin Discussion / New Client Teaser (Code Teaser)
« on: March 07, 2014, 09:09:39 PM »
Well someone asked me for this so here it is... sorry I don't show much, I don't want our competitors stealing ideas.  8)

GoldCoin Discussion / GoldCoin: Phase 2 (Teaser)
« on: December 06, 2013, 04:41:43 PM »
Hey everyone,

Our next minor client release (7.2.0) will likely perfect the 51% defense system.
I've been working on a way that addresses all varieties of the 51% attack and have found a viable solution.

We're still going over the theoretical parts of the additions to the system but we should have this done by the 18th of December.

Once that happens we will move into phase 2 which is marketing.

I expect a sharp rise in value to occur when this happens.

We're almost there, just a little longer.

Mining & Pools / What's going on with mining? A brief explanation
« on: November 24, 2013, 03:43:53 PM »
Our 51% defense prevents any spike in hashpower from creating blocks too quickly as a result the difficulty is a bit slower to adjust than it should be, and thus the amount of rejects high as your competing with other pools. (Because your finding more blocks than you should be).

Try to think of it like this,

The whole network should be finding 5 blocks every 9 minutes.. but since difficulty is a bit lower than it should be, the network is actually finding 15 blocks every 9 minutes.. so 10 of those blocks end up as rejects.

The difficulty is based on the median time between blocks.. thus only stable changes in hashrate have any effect in the rate at which you find blocks.

In otherwords if you have a large pool/large amount of hashpower, it is actually in your interest to mine for 120 blocks(they don't have to be your blocks) or more at MINIMUM such that the difficulty code adjusts the difficulty to a higher value. Switching to whats most profitable(what multipools do) will only hurt you when mining GoldCoin... steady mining is rewarded and here is how:

Now imagine the following scenario:

The total network hashrate is 30MH/s and the difficulty is some low value like 0.7

You have 20MH/s and want to mine the coin,

At the beginning(ie: for the first 60 blocks since you started), your share of actual accepted blocks will be something like 5% even though you own ~66% of the network.

As the difficulty adjusts though, your portion of accepted blocks grows larger.. until it reaches the expected ~66% but these blocks may or may not be back to back.

For this reason, it is extremely unprofitable to 51% GoldCoin.. as you'd not only need a massive amount of hashpower, but you'd have to mine the coin long enough to cause several difficulty switches and even then you'd have to get lucky to get 6 blocks in a row.

Predicting when you will get these 6 blocks accepted in a row is extremely difficult.

Essentially the client will only allow blocks that have been mined with reasonable timestamps ie: no more than 6 blocks exactly every 10 minutes.

Any faster and they will be rejected. Because of this, it is possible to mine for the next block ahead of time (since you can calculate the next acceptable timestamp and only announce it to the network when it is within 45 seconds of the current network time. This feature has been built into the latest client to prevent any foul advantage doing this might have. However it is still advantageous to do this... since it gives you a 45 second head start so to speak on everyone not running the lastest daemon. For this reason I recommend pools to update to the latest daemon.

Read this: https://www.gldtalk.org/index.php?topic=738.0

Also for pools, they should update to the latest client to lower their rejects.

Update to the latest client/daemon version this is handled automatically.


Some of you may have noticed that although the pools report our hashrate as being ~100Mh/s our client reports 7MH/s

This is simply because of the new defense system. By nature it prevents the hashrate from growing too quickly, so what happens is ~93MH/s of those end up as rejects! At least for a while, until the difficulty adjusts and then ~60Mh/s of those end up as rejects, and then it adjusts again ~10Mh/s of those end up as rejects.

It's still worthwhile to keep mining though because the more hashpower on a given pool/node the more likely it will find a block with the right timestamp.

The client throttles how fast blocks can be found, thus without a difficulty change, regardless of the hashrate,

We are EQUALLY protected.. whether we have 100GH/s or 100MH/s !!!!!

Essentially there is a new un-quantified difficulty factor at play here that uses timestamps to determine how fast we should be going...

This along with our earlier 51% protection makes 51% attacks unfeasible!(For the most part)

Enjoy :)

PS: For those of you who haven't updated to, please update... this protection is only effective in that version..

Technical Discussion / Set Your System Clocks!
« on: October 31, 2013, 12:26:25 PM »
Hey guys,

The new 51% defense code is due to arrive in less than 100 blocks,

to take advantage of this new feature however, you will have to set your system date/time correctly.

Please set your system date/time according to http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/simpletime.html


If you are a windows user, you can simply click on the time,

Now select "Change date and time settings..."

Now go to the "Internet Time" tab,

Now click "Change Settings",

Check the checkbox labelled "Synchronize with an Internet time server"

Select the server "time-a.nist.gov" from the drop down list,

And press "Update now"

Now press OK.

That's it, you're set!

Please remember that if you're system date/time are off by anymore than 30 seconds from network time, the client may malfunction.

This can be sorted at any time, simply by closing the client, setting your date/time correctly and opening it up again.

I recommend following these instructions, if you should find that your system loses time often:


GoldCoin Discussion / GoldCoin (GLD) Recommended Client Update:
« on: September 02, 2013, 05:51:05 PM »
Release notes:
Code: [Select]
This recommended(optional but high priority) update adds extra checkpoints and renames some of the misnamed portions of the client.
Notice for non-windows users: The GLDCoin directory has been renamed to GoldCoin (GLD), you will have to move your wallet file manually.
As always for all users, we recommend taking a backup of your wallet.dat file.
Notice for server operators: Along with the wallet/configuration directory change, there has been a change in the name of the client executables
Please use “goldcoind” for the daemon from now on.
We recommend you first uninstall your previous version of GoldCoin before installing this edition to avoid any conflicts.
Please be sure to report any bugs noticed on the official forum – http://gldtalk.org
Ps. QRCodes may or may not be affected by the rename.. please generate new QR codes when using… old QR codes are still supported by the old client.

You can download the update here:

For those of you who are awaiting our bigger updates, currently our priority is ironing out any and all bugs with the android client.
Once that is finished we will begin to implement some of our most awaited features.

GoldCoin Discussion / Bump the main thread.
« on: June 18, 2013, 12:41:55 PM »

Keep it on top.

Remember, keep it short, and simple. Promote GoldCoin and ignore trolls whenever possible.

We have a serious shot at becoming one of the long term competitors of BTC/LTC , lets not ruin it.

Take turns alternating between posts, don't need to spam the thread just make sure it stays on the first page.

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