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Project Development / Sustain the goldcoin foundation by donating to it
« on: October 10, 2018, 05:20:40 AM »

Goldcoin Foundation calling‼️

The sustainability of the goldcoin foundation is crucial to the future growth of goldcoin.
The fight has become a collective battle, we all have to get involve.
Do your part and charge another one to do his part. Donate To the foundation, to help fund development and promotional projects..
To donate, please visit the foundation website via

GoldCoin Discussion / The goldcoin wallet on bittrex has been reopened
« on: September 18, 2018, 04:38:13 PM »
Everyone is by this post informed that, the goldcoin wallet on bittrex has been reopened. Hence full market activities are now accessible. Thanks to you all

Important Bulletins / Mandatory update to version 0.14.3
« on: September 15, 2018, 04:42:41 PM »
All goldcoin users, miners & exchanges are entreated to do this mandatory upgrade to the new wallet version!👇

Also, Anyone mining at https://hash-to-coins.com/ should immediately switch to https://gld.thecoin.pw/ in order not to be left out.. Let's keep sharing...

Project Development / Update on Goldcoin Client: ACP added!
« on: September 06, 2018, 05:12:07 PM »

Advanced checkpointing has been added to the Goldcoin client. We are looking at the possibility of turning checkpointing on only when difficulty falls below a safe level. Once we complete our testing, we'll roll the update out and notify the exchanges.

GoldCoin Discussion / The Goldcoin foundation now live for donations
« on: August 18, 2018, 11:22:41 PM »
The quest to see a beautiful tomorrow resides largely on  today's best preparations. Let's find a reason to be an unchallenged community by building our own foundation. The goldcoin foundation is now live for everyone to contribute his quota in order to see goldcoin promotion, marketing and development wage a new war. Let's donate to the course, for important projects to be funded, in order to provoke the demand for goldcoin across the globe.. Below are the donation addresses to the foundation. Website is currently under development.

Goldcoin Address:

BTC  address: 3JcGLkGrGWFpLFLieP7mBQCRqgUHb95GsL

Ibn-adam 🇬🇭GoldAfrica:
Cryptosolar is Incredibly doing great things for Goldcoin growth in general.
Not just to say, but need to be said; so far all my Goldcoin Dashout/Giveaways contest rewards have personally been donated by @Cryptosolar. I use this Dashout contest to enrich people with the knowledge of GoldCoin; in that, certain questions about Goldcoin are asked on various platforms, especially whatsap where people are very active here in Ghana, and the fastest to provide the right answers are rewarded with some goldcoins. I do pose so many questions a day, and all those that fall within the established criteria for the contest winning, are duely rewarded for that. Today many people are now off to the "pool of inquiry" asking about Goldcoin,, whilst others after receiving their rewards aided by our instant send feature will say wawww,,, I will buy more.
Not only that, Cryptosolar has also make other donations which aided me to cover some costs so far involved in the upcoming Goldcoin Regional Conference scheduled on26th May, 2018,, as a matter of fact, everyone should thank Cryptosolar and Greg(MicroGuy) for the wonderful job they are doing towards the promotion of Goldcoin in Africa.
Also, Srinivas deserves a round of applause, as his outfit is currently in charge of the design of goldcoinafrica.com website. We still have a long way to go,, and I believe in what we are doing, I know it won't be easy,, but am determine to make things more easier with my team here in  Ghana and Africa at large. Our doors are open for all to come and help Baby Goldcoin flood the shores of Africa and climb to the top soon..
Thanks to everyone in this community for the strong commitment we all have towards what we believe in..
Goldcoin is our passion, so nothing can be an obstruction.
See you all at the top of CMC soon!!!!!!

Project Development / GoldcoinAfricaLab Project Content Released
« on: May 03, 2018, 03:27:30 PM »


Thinking the Future? Then Think GoldCoin!!!


GoldCoinAfricaLab is a cryptocurrency and Blockchain base promotion project and
information hub. The project is dedicated to the promotion of the Goldcoin
Blockchain Technology in Africa, through the formulation of strategic initiatives
that will serve as a fuel mechnism for the mass adoption of GoldCoin in the
continent. The main theme of the project is known as the TARGET-8 PILLARS.
The Target-8 Pillars is the concept underpinning the Eight (8) main objectives of the
project; which focuses on expanding the adoption base of GoldCoin with an
expected minimum of 5000 active new wallet creators and establishing a merchant
base system for this GoldCoin users, through the establishment of a goldcoinshop
and incorporation of businesses.


To promote an enabling environment for potential crypto-preneurs to thrive, in order
to liberate them from financial chains through a decentralized and cashless economy.

The project aims at achieving the following main objectives

1. To constitute a vibrant GoldCoin promotion team in Africa
2. To organize periodic conferences, Radio and T.V discussions on Blockchain
and GoldCoin on various media houses across Africa
3. To train the youth in various Universities on GoldCoin trading and Mining
4. To establish a locality base Ambassadors for the GoldCoin community
through the training across Africa
5. To stablish a GoldCoin Africa base meetup forum, where volunteers in the
GoldCoin community can engaged in organizing meetups of 10-30
participants, to introduce GoldCoin to Newbies, and then get compensated
with GoldCoin base on established criteria
6. To transform at least five thousand (5,000) youth in Africa into GoldCoin
7. To ensure GoldCoin get listed on at least one African local crytocurrecy
exchange platform
8. Finally, the project targets at providing justifiable support to the depressed
children and homeless in society

➢ The above objectives shall be broken into implementable activities as and
when the need arises base on priorities
➢ Any activity that requires financial and technical support way beyond self￾mobilization shall be carved into a simple proposal and submitted to the
GoldCoin community, to seek for funds
➢ Videos, pictures, and reports shall be submitted to the community on each
single task executed
➢ Online and physical participation shall be made available to the entire
community to partake in the conferences and discussions

NB: anyone can donate to this project via this Address:


GoldCoin Discussion / GoldcoinAfricaLab Project; Official Introduction
« on: April 30, 2018, 09:08:46 AM »
Hi everyone!
I am Ibn-adams from Ghana, Africa. For sure many people within the community are  already aware of me and my Goldcoin mission in Africa.. But, for official purposes I had like to introduce myself to everyone within the Goldcoin community as a man dedicated to carrying the good message of Goldcoin to every possible territory in Africa, for mass adoption, just to ensure Goldcoin becomes the dominant household cryptocurrency in Africa.
As part of that, I have come out with a Goldcoin project known as "GoldCoinAfricaLab". This is a well package project with what I called the " TARGET-8 PILLAR'S " underpinning it. The content and roadmap are all set and preliminary actions are already ongoing. It is left with the project launching, which will be done alongside the  goldcoinafrica.com website launching hopefully this week. So I am pleading on everyone to support Goldcoin by supporting this project to achieve it's Targets. Soon I will unveil everything on this forum.
Remember GoldCoin growth is the responsibility of all of us... Lets make it the coin we want it to become. Thank you

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