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Author Topic: CheckoutCrypto is now 100% open source! You can now host your own decentralized,  (Read 1940 times)

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CheckoutCrypto is now 100% open source! You can now host your own decentralized, trading platform.
CheckoutCrypto has just released their point of sale, e-commerce, trading, cryptowallet, services. You now have the ability to host your own(decentralized), crypto processing, with as many types of currencies as you want. We are now 100% free(charging for support consulting), open-source(apache2 licensed).

The site(requires a theme, not included) is based in drupal. Their are four client platforms offered for e-commerce(wordpress, drupal, opencart, dev tools).

API require a linux based server, with apache curl php5 php5-curl mysql

Worker requires a linux based server, with qt5-default qt5-qmake libqt5sql5 libqt5sql5-mysql libqt5sql5-sqlite build-essential libmysqlclient-dev monit.

For more information visit
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Sounds interesting.  The developer for CryptoAve (traded digitalcoin, etc) was also considering offering exchange software (though perhaps not for free).  Not sure if that came to fruition.

I wonder how many exchanges will pop up and use the above software.

I am reminded of OpenEx, which was also an open source exchange.  Both of the exchanges I mentioned here were hacked.  Security is a chief concern.
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